Next-Gen Prospects Are Wondering: Where Are You?

Today, the conversation isn’t led by you saying, “Let me tell you about our firm.” It’s led by prospects saying, “Hey, I’ve been following your content, and now I want to meet.”

Trying to DIY something as complex as the setup of an independent financial advisory practice can lead to complications, costs and headaches.

Engaging with your local community is not just a strategy; it’s key to making your real estate ads incredibly powerful. By investing time and effort, you will establish yourself as your area’s go-to real estate expert, a crucial role for the community. To inspire you to create ads that attract attention and strengthen your brand, check out this curated list of 44 amazing real estate agent ads. I’ll also provide an in-depth analysis of the ad’s lead magnet, copy, and design, proving that creating exceptional ads is well within your reach!

Social Media Real Estate Ads Examples

Advertising on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is always a game-changer for real estate agents. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), social media (52%) is the top tech tool that provides REALTORS® with quality leads. You only need a killer concept, a captivating lead magnet, compelling copywriting, and creative flair to reel in those leads on Meta’s top platforms. I’m here to show you some of the best real estate ads on Facebook and other platforms and explain why they’re so effective.

Cost to advertise: This depends on the social media network; it requires a minimum ad budget of $0 to $8 per action.

Time investment: Ad creation can be time-consuming, especially in addition to consistent posting on your feeds at least three times per week.

Lead quality: Medium to high

Return on investment: High

1. Buyer Quiz Ad

Lead magnet: Quiz

Why this copy works: This copy starts by leveraging first-time buyers’ FOMO (fear of missing out) and then cleverly offers a solution. What’s particularly effective is how it speaks directly to the person reading, making them feel valued and important rather than addressing a general audience. Instead of a generic image, they opted for a picture of the agents teaching the course. This choice makes the agents appear friendly and approachable, creating a sense of familiarity and comfort for the first-time homebuyers they’re targeting.

Pro Tip: Don’t have the time or patience to learn Facebook ads? Top Producer Social Connect makes it easy. Enter your city and budget, and Top Producer’s advertising experts do the rest. Even better, you’ll get a suite of automated lead nurturing tools to keep them warm while you work with clients.

2. Reasons to Buy a Home Video Ad

Lead magnet: Video

Why this copy works: This content appeals to individuals who are hesitant to decide on the current market conditions. It presents three compelling reasons the real estate agent believes the present time presents a favorable purchase opportunity. The use of bold text, a vibrant background, and a warm, professional image of the agent is visually appealing and establishes the agent’s expertise and credibility. This will help to build trust with potential buyers, making them more likely to consider the offer.

3. Home Valuation Ad

Lead magnet: Free home valuation

Why this copy works: It’s simple and straight to the point. Emphasizing the word “free” helps draw in people who have not sold a home before and don’t know that all home valuations are free. I love how the agent added a casual yet professionally shot picture of herself. This unique approach sets her apart from other agents and is sure to intrigue and engage potential customers. Too many home valuation ads use bland, generic graphics; we would bet this one converts much better.

4. First-time Homebuyer Tips Video Ad

Lead magnet: Video

Why this copy works: This language is light and fun but gets straight to the point and uses emojis to guide the reader through the real estate ad. The video’s title, in bold and attention-grabbing italic font, immediately draws your attention. This element of intrigue makes the audience feel drawn in and curious, but still professional.

5. Simple Exclusive Listing Ad

facebook Real Estate Ad Simple Exclusive Listing Ad
(Source: Corcoran Group on Facebook)

Lead magnet: Private tour

Why this copy works: With only one sentence, this copy cuts through the noise on social media and gets straight to the point. Using the terms “accepting appointments” and “private tour” not only makes the listing sound exclusive but also emphasizes the value of the experience, making potential clients feel intrigued. It is simple but very effective: gorgeous photography, brokerage branding, and a headshot in the lower right corner. This professional presentation instills confidence in potential clients, making it perfect.

6. Simple Exclusive Listing Ad: Example 2

Just listed Advertisement

Lead magnet: Private tour

Why this copy works: This ad’s success lies in its simplicity. A professional image, precise address, and straightforward price, all presented in an elegant font, instill confidence, rendering additional copies unnecessary. This template is a versatile solution that can be adapted for a wide range of marketing needs. It’s not limited to private tours but could also be used for open houses, under contract, or just-sold real estate ads. Apply your brand colors and logo, and you’re ready to go.

7. Simple Open House Ad

Lead magnet: None

Why this copy works: Once again, the power of simplicity shines through in this copy. It cuts through the noise and gets straight to the point, instilling confidence in the reader. The two charming emojis add a touch of personality without overwhelming the message. Again, simplicity is key! The beautiful real estate photography, clean graphic design, and company branding strategically placed in the lower right corner reinforce the audience’s role in shaping the company’s identity.

8. Open House Ad With Aerial Shot

Lead magnet: None

Why this copy works: The ad’s effectiveness is not reliant on many copies. Instead, it impresses with its minimalistic approach, relying on the strength of its creativity to capture the audience’s attention. Coupled with decreasing attention spans—now just 8.25 seconds—complex ads cause more confusion than conversion. The bold, clean design, a testament to the ad’s effectiveness, draws the audience’s eye into this ad. The headshot and contact information are on the lower left instead of the more traditional lower right, but it still works.

9. Buyer Lead Ad

Lead magnet: None

Why this copy works: This copy is a masterclass in leveraging FOMO and desire. In just two sentences, it taps into the universal longing for a home we truly love. It cleverly positions its website as the key to alleviating the audience’s FOMO. It’s all about simplicity! This is not a grand mansion but a humble, approachable home. It’s nice but not intimidating, making the audience feel comfortable.

10. Six Costly Mistakes Homesellers Make Ad

Lead magnet: e-Book

Why this copy works: This copy empathizes with the fears that every homeseller experiences before, during, and even after putting their home on the market. Even better, it offers a solution to help them overcome those fears. It won’t win any graphic design awards, but it certainly grabs your attention. Photography or graphics would just distract from this simple, powerful copy.

Are you considering social media ads for your property but find the process of creating, posting, and testing them time-consuming? Experience the benefits of Sierra Interactive’s Real Estate Ad Management tool. With just a budget setting, you can leave the rest to them, allowing you to focus on other crucial aspects of your property sale!

11. Seasonal Ad for X (Formerly Twitter)

Screenshot of real estate ad on X or Twitter
(Source: Rose Cervantes)

Lead magnet: Seasonal theme

Why this copy works: Be sure to take note of this intriguing social media post on X (formerly Twitter). The post is designed to grab the attention of potential buyers and sellers and encourage them to learn more about the sales process. Its seasonal theme makes it especially timely and appealing for the Halloween season. It cleverly incorporates the theme into the question, “haunted by the housing market?” and includes a professional headshot and contact details, making it easy for viewers to see them.

12. Short-video TikTok Ad


A Life to Love | Capitol Hill, Washington, DC📍 #dreamlife #home #luxuryrealestate #historic A special thank you to @Anastasia Vakula and her beautiful baby boy💙

♬ original sound – Real Estate

(Source: @heider_realestate)

Lead magnet: Short-video

Why this copy works: Heider Real Estate has achieved tremendous success by harnessing the power of TikTok to showcase its listings. With an astounding 3.7 million followers, Daniel Heider effectively uses trending songs and music to make property listings more entertaining and engaging. Furthermore, as shown in the example above, instead of just showing the property, Heider included real people in the house, allowing potential buyers to visualize themselves enjoying the property, a strategy that has proven effective on such a large scale.

13. Funny Real Estate Memes or Jokes

Screenshot of real estate ad on LinkedIn
(Source: Nikki Chavez)

Lead magnet: Real estate memes and jokes

Why this copy works: Remember to incorporate real estate memes into your social media strategy to highlight your property listings, personality, and brand. Using memes is an engaging and lighthearted approach to grabbing the interest of your audience and establishing a sense of rapport with your page visitors.

14. Real Estate Quote

Screenshot of real estate ad on Instagram
(Source: Jo-Ann McFearin)

Lead magnet: Real estate quotes

Why this copy works: The tagline in this post is strategically crafted to appeal to potential home buyers. It uses a simple and comforting image to evoke positive emotions, drawing on inspiration and joy to drive the message home. This is followed by a clear call to action, prompting the audience to take the next steps toward purchasing their dream home.

Outdoor Real Estate Ad Examples

The outdoors is more than just a path from your car to your listing. Many enjoy activities like walking dogs, jogging, and riding bikes. The outdoor advertising market is projected to reach USD 43,900 million by 2028 with a 3.9% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) during 2023–2028, underlining its enduring value in a competitive marketing landscape. The great outdoors is a good place to reach people who may not use the latest apps. Here are some cool outdoor real estate agent ads.

Cost to advertise: This depends on size, duration, medium, and location. For example, out-of-home ads bulletin billboards can cost anywhere from $60 to $10,000 monthly and up to $20,000 in large cities.

Time investment: This needs low time commitment after an ad is created.

Lead quality: Medium to high

Return on investment: High, especially for brand recognition

15. Sense of Home Scratch & Sniff Ads

Outdoor Real Estate Ad Sense of Home Scratch & Sniff Ads
(Source: Agency Fifty3)

Why This Copy Works: These eye-catching and freshly scented scratch-and-sniff ads— designed by Agency Fifty3 for a new development in Denver, Colorado—are enough to make your average curious resident stop in their tracks. Once they’ve got your attention, the message behind these ads—that even new developments will become “home” rather than just a place to live—it really hits the mark.

Why this copy works: These eye-catching and freshly scented scratch-and-sniff ads are designed to make you feel part of a community. They are enough to make your average curious resident pause. Once they’ve got your attention, the message behind these ads—that our new developments foster a sense of ‘home’ and community rather than just a place to live—resonates deeply.

16. Compass: Powering Your Home Search

Outdoor Real Estate Ad Compass Powering Your Home Search
(Source: Compass)

Why this copy works: A great pun works wonders, and this copy brings everyone in on the joke. These slickly designed and clever ads on electric car charging ports send the perfect message to the very kind of hip, upwardly mobile, and eco-conscious clientele every brokerage covets. 

17. Stribling Building Listing Signs

Why this copy works: This well-made listing ad signs leaves a lot up to one’s imagination. I know there’s a townhouse for sale on a gorgeous, tree-lined street. Maybe that’s all we need. I like the mystery. The simplicity here lets the environment do the heavy lifting, and the bright pink logo elevates the overall look, keeping the ad from feeling stale or boring.

18. Halstead Outdoor Ads

Outdoor Real Estate Ad Halstead Outdoor Ads
(Source: Halstead)

Why this copy works: In the first example, Halstead uses a clever play on words in hopes their audience will pause just one second longer. “Move to what moves you, huh? That’s clever. What’s this? Halstead? I’ll look into them.” This second example lets the bright poppy colors do the heavy lifting. It’s hard to ignore the vibrancy, and an open house with this chic of a sign is probably a property worth seeing.

19. Subway Ad

Outdoor Real Estate Ad Subway Ad

Why this copy works: Making a pun about the subway seems like a rite of passage (ha!) for advertising execs cutting their teeth on transit signage.’s ad here, on the other hand, is well thought out. The cheeky play on the ad’s placement—an LCD that alternates between ads like this and upcoming subway departures—makes this ad stand out.

20. House Wrap Ad

Outdoor Real Estate Ad House Wrap Ad

Why this copy works: This message uses FOMO to entice its audience to switch from Zillow to A tried-and-true ad strategy. No one wants to miss out on something great. This type of ad can go viral and take on a life of its own. It’ll get people talking, sharing and, above all, checking out

21. StreetEasy Subway Ad: ‘You’re Dead to Me!’

(Source: StreetEasy)

Why this copy works: This speaks to New York City or any other metro with a massive chip on its shoulder. It gives the audience confidence that the agency is in the know, speaks the language, and has true local bona fides. StreetEasy’s subway ads have always been clever, but these ads take an old-school monster fight from classic movies and insert humorous things that New Yorkers tend to argue about—in this case, moving to LA.

The rumors of print advertising’s death have been wildly exaggerated. An survey found that 82% of Americans trust print ads in newspapers and magazines more than digital ads (only 61% of consumers). Also, some real estate agents still swear by the persuasive qualities of ink and paper. Are they right? Well, judge for yourself. Here are a few killer print ads that we bet will have a great return on investment—or will at least help grow brands.

Cost to advertise: This can vary from local to national reach, ranging from $50 per ad to thousands.

Time investment: Ad design can be time-consuming but will not require consistent posting as with online platforms.

Lead quality: Likely high

Return on investment: Medium due to the higher cost of print

22. Douglas Elliman: Ask Elliman

Why this copy works: Still one of our favorite real estate agent ad campaigns of the past few years, Douglas Elliman’s “Ask Elliman” campaign hits all the right notes. It manages to evoke expertise and care at the same time. The Elliman-branded blue pops against black, white, and gray shades. It has a slightly nostalgic feel but is appealing to just about any audience in a modern setting.

23. NAR: Most Valuable Square Inch

Why this copy works: This magazine ad makes the NAR aspirational, if not damn near heroic. The copy creates a club that you want to be a part of (or that we want to represent our interests in). I don’t need to see the Realtor’s face to know she’s trustworthy, has integrity, and will sell this house. Or help you buy it. This is an ad that shows us as much as it tells.

24. Lefferts Place Mews

Print Real Estate Ad Lefferts Place Mews

Why this copy works: This copy makes you contemplate your legacy, hopes, dreams, and maybe even hints that the “life is short—buy the pretty house” argument. Of course, it also works on a literal level—it’s a historic property.

25. Nourmand & Associates: New Hire Announcement

Why this copy works: OK, you’re probably wondering why I put a new hire announcement, of all things, on this list, and I’ll admit it—it’s not really for the copy. It’s for the design. This example showcases why it’s crucial to sweat the small stuff to get ahead. The typography, layout, and imagery are all pinpoint perfect.

26. Compass: Door Hangers

Print Real Estate Ad Compass Door Hangers
(Source: Compass)

Why this copy works: These just-listed and open-house door hangers ideas keep the message simple and let the properties and headshots do the talking. Door hangers are often a check-the-box marketing tool, but if you take the time to think about layout, images, and overall design, they can make a huge impact. Instead of going right into the trash can, someone will pause, take in the beautiful property photos, and maybe even read that testimonial.

27. First Mallorca: Taylor-made Houses

Print Real Estate Ad First Mallorca Taylor Made Houses
(Source: First Mallorca)

Why this copy works: How clever are these ads for Mallorca-based luxury real estate firm First Mallorca? The “Taylor-made houses” line makes it. It’s a fresh approach to the idea that this brokerage is focused on the client as an individual. The image works here, reinforcing the idea that each buyer or seller is as unique as the properties.

28. Sotheby’s International Realty

Why this copy works: Clean, classic, eye-catching images and pithy copy are everything you need to get the most out of a two-page layout. This Sotheby’s campaign is about creating a vision of an aspirational and familiar lifestyle.

29. Corcoran’s ‘Live Who You Are’ Campaign

(Source: Corcoran)

Why this copy works: I’m enchanted by this whimsical take on Corcoran’s core statement, which celebrates the life you’ll live in your new home. These illustrations by Simone Massoni are fun and clever while still evoking emotion. Other Corcoran print campaigns showcase photography by Rob Howard, Annie Liebovitz, Paul Costello, and Stefan Anderson. The Corcoran brand believes that storytelling fosters loyalty, and I agree.

If we had to pick a single real estate brochure company to recommend, it would be ProspectsPLUS! It has marketing print collateral in almost every format and size, plus no membership fee. Some providers require a monthly subscription to access designs, but ProspectsPLUS! works well for one-off projects and ongoing campaigns.

Real Estate Brand Promotional Items Examples

Your headshot, logo, and other branding can be used on items like pens, notepads, and similar items for promotion and advertising. Giving away these items can help potential clients and existing customers remember your professionalism, skill, and dedication. According to a study, 40% of consumers keep some promotional items for over 10 years. That’s longer than most other types of advertising. Another study found that 83% of people like getting promotional products with an advertising message.

Cost to advertise: Depending on the items purchased, the cost can range from a few cents to thousands each, and less when purchased in bulk.

Time investment: Once the item is designed and complete, no additional time is involved; plus, successful items can be re-ordered with no extra design time.

Lead quality: Medium to high

Return on investment: High

30. The Helpful Branded Fridge Magnet

(Source: Etsy)

Why this creative works: I’m a big fan of any longevity promotional item. This helpful, well-designed magnet will live on the fridge, reminding leads that one cup equals 8 ounces and that you are there any time, day or night, to help with real estate.

31. Custom Mug of Your Mug

(Source: Etsy)

Why this creative works: Branded mugs are pretty common, but this illustrated, customized mug has real personality and is likely to stand out among all the clutter in your kitchen.

32. Brokerage Ready-to-Wear Line

(Source: SERHANT.)

Why this creative works: Sometimes, you need your brand to make a statement. It helps when there’s an emphatic period at the end. This SERHANT. hoodie sweatshirt is classic, warm, and brilliant advertising. Imagine people walking around wearing your brokerage name on their clothing, hats, fanny packs, or even swim trunks—it doesn’t get much better than that.

33. Branded Pen Ad

Example of branded promotional pens
(Source: BestPrintBuy)

Why this creative works: Discover the power of promotional pens! By putting your contact information and logo on a pen, you’re not only providing a useful tool, but also spreading your brand to a wide audience. Imagine handing out these pens at open houses, listing appointments, networking events, or giving them to buyers as they sign on the dotted line. It’s a brilliant way to get your brand out there and make a lasting impression!

34. Tote Bags

Example of a real estate tote bag promotional item
(Source: BestPrintBuy)

Why this creative works: Branded reusable bags and totes are a massive hit with eco-conscious individuals. When you add a catchy slogan, your contact details, and your logo to a bag, just like the example above, your customers essentially become walking billboards for your brand.

Internet Platform Best Realtor Ads Examples

To attract real estate leads, advertise on high-traffic sites like your local multiple listing service (MLS), Zillow,, Trulia, and Craigslist. Use Google, Microsoft ads, Yelp, and your website to establish your expertise. Since 41% of recent buyers’ first step in the home buying process was to look online at properties for sale, ensuring that your ads stand out in the crowded online landscape is crucial. Here are some successful real estate ad ideas and what makes them stand out:

Cost to advertise: Depending on the platform and scope of work, the price ranges from free to hundreds of dollars per month.

Time investment: Ads for realtors are frequently templated, making them easier to create, but still require you to spend time keeping listings up to date.

Lead quality: Low to medium

Return on investment: Medium

35. Zillow Active Property Listing

 Screenshot of Zillow active property listing
(Source: Zillow)

Why this creative works: This Zillow property listing is effective because the agent, with their professional approach, uses visually stunning images to capture the reader’s attention. The listing also highlights the benefits and details of working with their firm, instilling a sense of confidence. High-quality photos and compelling property descriptions are included to encourage visitors to linger and browse.

36. Google Paid Advertising

Screenshot of Google paid advertising example
(Source: Easy Agent Pro)

Why this creative works: This awesome Google ad may not have any images, but it’s a powerhouse for generating real estate leads. Using targeted keywords and showcasing the brokerage’s impressive 5-star Google My Business profile ratings, this ad pulls in leads from Google in a specific area like a pro!

37. Real Estate Agent Sponsored Google Ad 

Screenshot of real estate agent sponsored Google ad
(Source: Google)

Why this creative works: This sponsored real estate agent Google ad is effective because it showcases a professional realtor headshot, adding a personal touch and credibility. The eye-catching headshot helps establish a connection with potential clients, conveying trust, professionalism, and a human touch. This ad is designed to make a lasting impression on its target audience!

Direct Mail Real Estate Ads Examples

Direct mail strategies like postcards and flyers are still super effective for generating leads. They make you stand out, grab people’s attention for longer, and pack a bigger emotional punch than digital ads. Plus, even though they might cost more than online ads, they’re still pocket-friendly for agents. And here’s the best part—you can target specific audiences based on demographics and niche markets, making it super efficient for generating leads in your specialized areas of expertise!

Cost to advertise: This depends on your design, mailing lists, marketing copy, printing, volume, and distribution; it ranges between 30 cents to $10 per piece of mail.

Time investment: This needs time to design and execute mailing strategy, but can be fast-tracked with online tools.

Lead quality: Medium to high

Return on investment: Medium

38. Mailable Real Estate Flyer

Why this creative works: This mailable real estate flyer displays a local home in the area with captivating photos to entice buyers and provides sellers with a sample of its high-quality marketing materials. All you have to do is choose a specific neighborhood or get a mailing list for a particular street from a direct mail service, and presto! You’re all set to send out your personalized real estate flyers.

39. Recipe Direct Mail Postcards

Example of a creative direct mail postcard with the recipe
(Source: Pinterest)

Why this creative works: This clever direct mail real estate agent postcard targets potential sellers. It includes a fantastic recipe that not only grabs attention but also gives people a reason to hold onto the card. By regularly sending out postcards with different recipes, you will ensure your brand is always on your contacts’ minds.

40. Personalized Calendar

Why this creative works: Branded calendars, such as the one provided, are valuable household items that constantly remind you of your brand. These personalized calendars are not only excellent gifts for clients but also for potential clients, as well as friends and family. By displaying your information, these calendars can help maintain brand recall and serve as a practical and thoughtful token of appreciation.

Direct Digital Real Estate Ads Examples

Many businesses have effectively used digital campaigns in real estate. According to Statista, 70% of consumers prefer to receive emails from online brands. Effective strategies include clear headlines for direct emails, monthly newsletters, and holiday emails with recipes or tips. Let’s explore some appealing real estate agent advertising examples for digital ad campaigns and why they successfully generate and convert leads.

Cost to advertise: It is free for one-to-one or email and text marketing plans, or a few dollars per month and up when using paid online platforms.

Time investment: Using an online platform can save time with templates; individual email can be more time-consuming.

Lead quality: Low to medium

Return on investment: Medium

41. Direct Email Ad

Example of direct real estate email by LYFE Marketing
(Source: LYFE Marketing)

Why this creative works: This straightforward email is effective due to its concise headline, which presents a question to potential buyers. The email copy provides a solution that highlights the real estate agency’s expertise and features its current listings. Use these emails to share your listings with your email subscribers.

42. Direct Text Ad

Example of a real estate text ad
(Source: Ascend Lead Sites)

Why this creative works: This real estate advertisement informs buyers ready to buy by advertising an open house through the highly effective medium of text message marketing. Text messaging is a powerful way to update your contacts about new listings. With a higher open rate of 98% compared to email’s 21.7%, it’s an incredible way to remind clients about upcoming events or open houses or to check in with them.

43. Monthly Newsletter

Example of a real estate newsletter direct email

Why this creative works: A monthly real estate newsletter sent directly to your inbox is a powerful tool for lead generation. It fosters consistent engagement, showcases your expertise, highlights your listings, and provides detailed market updates. But it’s not just about information, it’s also about action. Its call to action is designed to motivate and encourage readers to take the next step, whether it’s exploring your listings, contacting your agents, or making a conversion.

44. Holiday Email

Example of a real estate holiday direct email
(Source: Pinterest)

Why this creative works: One of the most effective and non-intrusive ways to engage with your clients is through holiday emails. These emails, unlike traditional sales pitches, are a subtle yet powerful way to reinforce your brand and humanize your relationship. These catchy real estate ads are not pushy or salesy but a gentle reminder to your clients that you’re thinking of them. And for even more impact, share them on your social media platforms. Check out our real estate holiday calendar so you will never miss out!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bringing It All Together

Remember to use attention-grabbing taglines, eye-catching images, and imaginative content in your real estate ads. Spreading your ads across multiple channels is essential to connect with a larger audience. Advertising is a crucial investment for a thriving real estate business. Have some powerful real estate ads you’d like to show off? Or do you have some insights about upcoming trends? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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The ban was set to take effect nationwide Sept. 4.

If your only differentiator is that you charge 75 basis points, you’ll likely lose the battle when the advisor across town drops to 50.

With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), real estate professionals can use tools to streamline processes, enhance client interactions, and boost marketing efforts. Although these tools will not replace the personal touch and connections you have with your client, they can make sure to give you some time back so you can focus on building relationships and closing deals. To help you navigate this rapidly changing landscape, I identified the top six real estate AI tools across various categories to help you grow and maintain your real estate business.

  • CINC: Best for AI lead generation and nurturing
  • Saleswise: Best for AI real estate marketing text creation
  • Style to Design: Best for AI virtual staging
  • VEED.IO: Best for AI video creation
  • Lofty: Best for AI-enhanced CRM system
  • ChatGPT: Best for AI real estate content creation tools

The Close’s Picks for Top AI Tools for Real Estate Agents

AI Tool Best for Starting Monthly Price Learn More
cinc-logo Lead generation and nurturing $899 Visit CINC
Saleswise logo Marketing text creation $39 Visit Saleswise
Style to Design logo Virtual staging $149 Visit Style to Design
veed io logo Video creation $25 Visit VEED.IO
Lofty CRM logo AI-powered CRM $39 Visit Lofty
chatgpt logo Content creation Free Visit Chat GPT

AI Tool Best for Starting Monthly Price Learn More
cinc-logo Lead generation and nurturing Contact for pricing Visit CINC
Saleswise logo Marketing text creation $39 Visit Saleswise
Style to Design logo Virtual staging $149 Visit Style to Design
veed io logo Video creation $25 Visit VEED.IO
Lofty CRM logo AI-powered CRM $39 Visit Lofty
chatgpt logo Content creation Free Visit Chat GPT

1. CINC: Best for AI Lead Generation & Nurturing

Cinc logo
Pros Cons
  • Lead nurturing is available 24/7.
  • It has real estate-related conversation scripts.
  • It has AI-powered workflows.
  • Nurturing via text message is available.
  • Pricing is expensive compared to other options.
  • It must be used in conjunction with CINC’s CRM.
  • It has no ability to turn off middle-of-the-night chat inquiries.
  • It has no AI capabilities via email.

  • Pricing:

    $899, custom pricing available

Why I Picked CINC

CINC AI is dedicated to turning potential leads into clients with Alex, its AI lead expert. I appreciate that Alex engages in conversations with new leads, categorizing them into three categories: new, active, and old leads. Agents will then receive notifications about these leads, including the latest message from Alex, so they know where to pick up the conversation. The AI at CINC was created through a partnership with Structurely and is designed to make these interactions with clients more human-like, relevant, and with improved scripting.

Screenshot of CINC AI dashboard
AI information page (Source: CINC)

Use Cases for CINC:

  • Priorite leads based on scoring algorithms to know which ones to focus on. 
  • Send automated follow-up emails and texts so no leads are missed. 
  • Track lead interactions and engagement to reduce the need to remember where you left off.
  • Generate scripts for cold calling and prospecting for new listings.

2. Saleswise: Best for AI Real Estate Marketing Text Creation

saleswise logo
Pros Cons
  • It provides access to millions of property records.
  • It has flat-rate pricing.
  • It has website content creation.
  • Free seven-day trial is available.
  • It cannot create content for business operations like handbooks, onboarding, and job advertisements.
  • It does not incorporate video editing for listings.
  • It has no CRM integration.
  • It has no automatic workflows.

  • Pricing:

    $39 per month

Why I Picked Saleswise

From a marketing and creative perspective, Saleswise has all the tools available to help you market yourself and your listings. I like that this is one of the AI real estate tools offering a flat-rate pricing and no long-term contracts for all the tools, so you’re not constantly being upsold on additional services. The tools provided to you by Saleswise can collectively replace a marketing coordinator, a virtual renderer, a copywriter, and more. I also appreciate that Saleswise considers property and listing data along with market insights to create less generic real estate marketing content.

Saleswise demo (Source: YouTube)

Use Cases for Saleswise:

  • Write new listing descriptions for third-party lead-generation websites. 
  • Transform images to show clients a space’s potential after a remodel. 
  • Schedule and post on social media automatically.
  • Send personalized email campaigns to clients.

3. Style to Design: Best for AI Virtual Staging 

Pros Cons
  • It has customizable design templates.
  • Staging and design courses are available.
  • Design team is available for simulations.
  • It has an extensive furniture and decor library
  • It requires a minimum commitment for pricing plans.
  • It cannot edit images other than property photos.
  • Pricing is high if you don’t have a lot of listings.
  • Coaching is only offered in enterprise plans.

  • Pricing*:

    • Individual Membership: $149 per month
    • Team:  $299 per month
    • Enterprise: Contact for pricing

*Minimum three-month commitment for all plans

Why I Picked Style to Design

Style to Design is not limited to real estate agents and brokerages. Anyone who wants to be an expert on listing marketing and image rendering can utilize this software. The memberships are affordable and cost less than outsourcing the work to other creative professionals. The seamless virtual staging experience allows agents to transform empty spaces effortlessly into beautifully staged homes. Agents can leverage the tool to promote that they have a marketing team when pitching for new business without the added overhead costs of having multiple employees.

Screenshot of staging board giving home renovation clients options home features
Staging boards (Source: Style to Design)

Use Cases for Style to Design:

  • Launch a virtual staging company to produce staged images for the real estate industry. 
  • Obtain new real estate listings for agents through add-on service offerings. 
  • Quickly prepare virtual renderings for listing meetings. 
  • Create visually appealing property images for social media posts and advertising. 

4. VEED.IO: Best for AI Video Creation

veed io logo
Pros Cons
  • It has an easy-to-use video editing interface.
  • It has AI-driven video editing.
  • Easily create AI avatars.
  • Create AI-generated art and images from text.
  • The technology required to record videos is not offered.
  • It cannot offload editing work to the VEED.IO team.
  • Video export length is dependent on the price plan.
  • It has no mobile app for basic or free plans.

  • Pricing (per user, per month):

    • Basic: $25
    • Pro: $38
    • Business: $70
    • Enterprise: Contact for pricing

Why I Picked VEED.IO

VEED.IO makes it easy to produce high-quality videos that can help agents engage potential buyers. Agents can leverage the platform to edit their videos as much or as little depending on their needs. For example, this AI for real estate agents is helpful in cropping, trimming, and adding text to a video, or agents can create their avatars to star in the video themselves. I like that there are affordable tiered plan options, making it accessible for agents at all budget levels and team sizes.

Screenshot of available AI tools offered in VEED.IO
Video and AI tools (Source: VEED.IO)

Use Cases for VEED.IO:

  • Use their AI eye contact tool to edit videos where you don’t look like you’re reading off a prompter or screen. 
  • Add voice-overs to videos by cloning your voice and reduce the need to record yourself for virtual tours.
  • Create professional videos by using their text-to-video tool that uses just a text description. 
  • Use the technology to create training and onboarding videos to replace an HR team. 

5. Lofty: Best for AI-enhanced CRM System

Lofty CRM logo
Pros Cons
  • It has long-term campaigns to turn warm-up cold leads.
  • Customized workflows are provided.
  • It has an AI-powered website chatbot.
  • It has lead qualifying and appointment-setting.
  • It requires an initial learning curve.
  • You need to purchase the CRM packages in addition to the AI cost.
  • The Core package for CRM is quite expensive.
  • It does not offer AI-produced conversation scripts.

Why I Picked Lofty

Lofty is an exceptional CRM system that leverages AI for real estate to provide deep client insights and automate routine tasks. Its AI assistant can analyze client interactions to predict their needs and preferences. In addition, it can schedule and send automated follow-up reminders while creating personalized communication templates. I picked Lofty because, unlike many CRMs that demand significant daily effort, Lofty’s AI assistant automatically handles these routine tasks for agents. This feature gives agents peace of mind, knowing that essential but time-consuming activities are efficiently managed.

Screenshot of AI assistant dashboard with settings and data report information
Assistant workflows (Source: Lofty)

Use Cases for Lofty:

  • Add a chatbot to your website to generate organic AI for real estate leads. 
  • Segment clients based on behavior and preferences for targeted email campaigns.
  • Analyze client data to predict potential property interests and personalize listings.
  • Have the AI assistance help with deal closure communication to ensure all necessary paperwork is requested. 

6. ChatGPT: Best for AI Real Estate Content Creation Tools

chatgpt logo
Pros Cons
  • Team collaboration workspaces are available.
  • It has real-time content suggestions.
  • It can create content across multiple industries.
  • It provides natural language processing.
  • You must know how to prompt the AI to produce the correct responses.
  • Information produced can be false.
  • It is unable to review spreadsheets or images.

  • Pricing (per month):

    • Free: $0
    • Plus: $20
    • Team: $30 per user
    • Enterprise: Contact sales for pricing

Why I Picked ChatGPT

ChatGPT offers a simple user interface, allowing you to draft prompts that generate high-quality, engaging content quickly. There is a mobile app that allows you to generate content on the go. Its natural language processing capabilities ensure the generated content is coherent and relevant. I picked ChatGPT as the most innovative AI real estate content creator because it can provide you with copy, plans, forms, and suggestions across all aspects of your real estate business. This versatility ensures that you have high-quality content that can enhance your business and productivity.

Screenshot of interface for Chat GPT
Chat GPT interface (Source: Simon McCade)

Use Cases for ChatGPT:

  • Help generate content for your website blog or open house flyers. 
  • Create listing descriptions for advertisements or listing websites. 
  • Assist with creating a business plan for growing your real estate team. 
  • Help with creating materials for new hire job descriptions for your growing team.

How We Selected the Best Real Estate AI Tools for Agents

Our methodology at The Close ensures that our team of professionals, writers, and editors thoroughly analyzes each platform. We meticulously evaluate the features, usability, integration capabilities, performance, and affordability of the AI tools available for real estate. 

We selected the most effective and reliable real estate AI tools for agents to support business growth and success. This rigorous process ensures that our recommendations help agents streamline operations, enhance client interactions, and achieve business goals.

Detailed criteria included the following to determine the best AI in real estate tools: 

  • Feature set and functionality: We evaluated the range of features each tool offers and focused on how impactful this feature is to the real estate operations. 
  • Usability and user experience: We looked for tools with intuitive interfaces, straightforward navigation, and comprehensive support resources such as tutorials, FAQs, and customer service. We want to ensure a platform can be launched easily and integrated into an agent’s workflow. 
  • Integration capabilities: Because so many tools are needed in the real estate industry, we want to ensure that an agent’s technology stack can communicate with other tools necessary for business. 
  • Effectiveness and performance: We considered the effectiveness of each tool to make sure that it increased productivity and would achieve the desired outcomes that it promises. 
  • Affordability and value for money: Cost was an important consideration. We looked for tools that provide a good balance of features and affordability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bringing It All Together

Leveraging AI for real estate is not as daunting as it may initially seem. AI tools can automate routine tasks, provide data-driven insights, and enhance client interactions. Yes, technically, you’re having a robot help you with your business. However, the time saved allows you to focus on higher-value activities like building client relationships and closing deals. This increased efficiency will improve your productivity and enhance the overall client experience to ensure you keep filling up your sales funnel.

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Even after being exposed to some financial education in schools, more young investors are putting speculative bets ahead of building long-term wealth.

Email marketing is a fantastic way to stay connected with your audience and is crucial for growing your real estate business. But let’s face it, creating effective email templates for real estate agents can be challenging. That’s why we’ve compiled 26 powerful email templates for real estate leads, so you can use them as inspiration to build your collection of reusable email content. And after checking out the templates, explore our tips for crafting compelling emails that drive conversions.

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  • Automated lead follow-up: Email & text drip campaigns educate & engage leads
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Real Estate Email Templates for Sellers

If you’re a real estate agent and want to craft compelling real estate email scripts for sellers, you’re in the right place. Whether new to real estate or experienced, you’ll find valuable email templates to improve your property sales by engaging potential sellers through impactful emails.

1. Discount Broker Objection Handler Email

This real estate broker email template for realtors is best used for homeseller leads considering discount broker services, but they may have objections or concerns about them. Using Tom Ferry’s excellent discount broker rebuttal in an email format allows for a thoughtful and thorough response to address any potential hesitations or objections that leads may have. This approach can help build trust and confidence with potential clients seeking more information or reassurance about discount broker services.

2. Newer Agent Seller Follow-up Email

This follow-up email is best used after a listing presentation with a potential homeseller. It will be sent after a face-to-face meeting with a client considering selling their property. The email is best for clients deciding on a real estate agent to represent them in the selling process. It is particularly effective for clients looking for an agent who can effectively communicate their unique selling points and market their property compellingly.

3. Open House Feedback Report Email

After an open house, this email updates sellers about potential buyer feedback. It aims to provide detailed information about the impressions of visitors who viewed the property. This type of email suits seller clients who are actively selling their property and seeking transparent updates about its marketing. It’s vital to demonstrate to the seller that their agent is diligent and proactive in gathering feedback and trying to sell their property.

4. Seller Lead Email

This email template is best for reaching out to homeowners interested in selling their property but has yet to take the next steps. It works well in a competitive or rapidly changing real estate market where timing is crucial. Inviting them to explore the potential profit opportunity over coffee creates a friendly yet persuasive tone that can motivate them to take action. The implied urgency of acting quickly in a changing market can prompt homeowners to consider the offer.

5. Follow-up Email With Seller 

When you contact a homeowner you’ve already talked to, consider sending a follow-up email with a personalized home valuation report. This email works best when your client is interested in selling their home and wants a real estate agent who can provide valuable insights and information. Sharing a personalized home valuation report demonstrates your expertise and dedication to going the extra mile for your clients, showing that you’re committed to helping them make well-informed decisions about their property.

6. Home Valuation Request Email

When someone wants to know how much their home is worth, emailing a home valuation request can be very helpful. This email suits people who want to sell their home or know how much it’s worth. It’s essential to send this email quickly after getting the request. This email shows that you take their question seriously and ensure they get the information they want.

7. Listing Presentation Follow-up Email

This real estate email is best used after you have met with a potential client to discuss listing their home for sale. It is beneficial when you still need to secure a signature during the initial meeting. It serves as a gentle reminder of the benefits of listing with you and your agency and can help create a sense of urgency for the client to act sooner rather than later.

Real Estate Email Templates for Buyers

Are you looking to streamline your communication with potential home buyers? From initial inquiries to follow-ups, crafting the perfect buyer email templates for real estate leads can help you make a strong impression and provide valuable information. A set of well-crafted real estate email templates tailored for buyers will enhance your communication and improve your chances of making successful connections in the competitive real estate market.

8. Listings Interest 

This email template for real estate agents is best used when a prospective buyer has shown interest in a property listing and you want to gather more specific information about the buyer’s wants and needs. This can help you provide a more personalized service and show that you are attentive to their needs, leading to a stronger client-agent relationship and potentially increasing the likelihood of a successful transaction.

9. Open House Follow-up Email

After sending an open house flyer and hosting the event for a property you want to sell, use this email to reconnect with potential buyers who attended. It’s a great way to keep the conversation going and encourage those interested in the property to move forward with their purchase. By sending this open house follow-up email, you will continue to build a connection with these potential clients and provide them with the information and help they need to decide about the property.

10. One-year Follow-up Email

This email would be best used approximately one year after helping a client purchase a new home. It is best for clients who have already completed a real estate transaction with you and are looking for further real estate opportunities. Sending this email demonstrates that you maintain an ongoing relationship with your clients and are ready to assist them with their evolving real estate needs.

11. Lender Referral Email

This lender referral email is best used when contacting potential homebuyers who have expressed interest in purchasing a new home. It is ideal for clients in the early stages of the homebuying process who may need assistance finding a reputable lender to secure mortgage financing. This email can provide valuable assistance by connecting clients with a trusted source for mortgage financing, making the homebuying process smoother and less stressful for them.

12. New Lead Follow-up Email

The email from real estate coach Beverly Ruffner is best for reaching out to potential clients who have recently shown interest in your services or products. It works well for leads who have just entered your sales funnel or have inquired about your offerings. It works best when sent within 24 to 48 hours after showing interest. The email helps them remember your brand and stay connected with you at the start of your relationship.

13. First Showing Follow-up Email

This email template for real estate leads is best used the day after showing a property to serious clients needing additional information or reassurance. It demonstrates transparency and a realistic assessment of the properties viewed, which will help strengthen the agent-client relationship.

14. Testimonial Email

This email template for real estate is best used when you want to provide social proof of your services to new prospects. It’s particularly effective for B2B, professional services, and service-industry businesses. The real-world client testimonials help potential clients understand the level of service and quality you provide, making it easier for them to trust your business.

15. Listings Request Follow-up Email

This email template for real estate leads is perfect for following up with prospective buyers after providing initial listing information. It helps you understand your client’s preferences and tailor your offerings to their needs. This approach shows your commitment to meeting their specific needs and ultimately leads to more successful real estate transactions.

16. Second Contact With a Passive Buyer Email

This real estate email marketing template is great for following up with indecisive or hesitant buyers after an initial conversation. This email is important because it provides an opportunity to follow up and continue the conversation with the prospect. It allows you to address concerns, provide more information, and offer assistance to help them make a purchase decision, ultimately building trust and increasing conversion chances.

17. Coming Soon Preview Email for Cold Buyer Leads

This email is best used for cold buyer leads interested in buying a home in a competitive market with limited inventory. It offers exclusive information about upcoming listings, which can appeal to buyers needing help finding suitable properties. By offering a preview of upcoming market developments, you will establish yourself as a trusted agent with valuable insider knowledge, enhancing your credibility with potential clients.

18. Renter Converting to Buyer Follow-up Email

This email is best used when a potential client wants to transition from renting to buying a property and fears missing out on a particular property or the opportunity to become a homeowner. It is most effective for first-time homebuyers or individuals strongly inclined to purchase their home. This follow-up email helps to address their concerns and provides them with the necessary information and reassurance to make a well-informed decision.

Real Estate Email Templates for Referrals, Recruiting & More

Looking for effective email templates for real estate referrals, recruiting, and more? Look no further! Our collection of real estate email templates below is tailored to meet your specific needs and make your email outreach a breeze, whether seeking referrals, recruiting new talent, or engaging with clients.

19. Reconnecting With a Past Client

This email script is best for clients with whom you have a good working relationship and want to reconnect. It also benefits real estate agents who want to reconnect with past clients they have lost touch with. Reconnecting with past clients can help you find new business and referrals, which is an excellent way to build a strong network in your professional field.

20. Referral Request Email

You should send this email to clients or contacts with whom you have a good relationship. This works best with satisfied clients who appreciate your services and may have previously referred business to you. The email is an effective way to ask for referrals respectfully and professionally, leveraging positive experiences to grow your business organically.

21. New Agent Recruiting Email

This email would be best used when recruiting new agents to join your brokerage or real estate team. It’s ideal for contacting real estate professionals interested in joining a new company or exploring different opportunities. It would be especially effective for those who value mentorship and are seeking to leverage the experience and value that your brokerage or team can offer.

22. Annual Home Sales Report Email

This email is best used when you want to provide valuable information to your real estate clients, such as homeowners, potential buyers, and sellers, regarding recent home sales. It is ideal for clients interested in staying updated on the local real estate market and may be considering buying or selling a property soon. The direct nature of the email template helps to effectively communicate critical information without overwhelming the recipient, making it suitable for clients who prefer clear and concise communication.

23. Non-responsive Leads Email

This type of “non-responsive leads” email is best used when you have previously established a connection with the lead, but they have gone quiet and are not responding to your communications. Sending this type of email is an excellent way to re-engage with potential clients who may have become disengaged over time. It sets a precise time limit for them to respond, which can create a sense of urgency and prompt action.

24. Seasonal Greetings Email Template

This email template is best used during key holidays and occasions such as Christmas, New Year, and other festive seasons when people are in a celebratory mood. It’s great to contact current and potential clients to express warm wishes and build rapport. Sending this email helps strengthen client relationships and show appreciation, which can be beneficial for maintaining client loyalty and attracting new business.

25. Newsletter Email

The newsletter email is a helpful way for real estate agents to keep in touch with clients and potential customers. It provides updates on market trends, new listings, and community news related to real estate, helping agents build and maintain relationships with their clients. Use pictures, infographics, and quizzes. Put only a little info in one newsletter. Instead, put a “learn more” button to your website for more information.

26. Thank You Email Template

This thank you note email template is best used to express gratitude after a business meeting, assistance, referral, or after completing a successful project. It is suitable for all clients, including new and existing clients, business partners, vendors, and anyone who has contributed positively to your professional endeavors. Expressing gratitude helps to build and maintain strong and positive relationships, fostering trust and goodwill with clients and partners.

Why Real Estate Email Marketing?

Real estate professionals should embrace individual emails and email drip campaigns because it is fast, affordable, and easy to use. Create customized campaigns to reach different audiences, automate your sends, send spur-of-the-moment messages, broadcast your listings, and more. 

Email marketing consistently provides high returns on investment, generating as much as $36 for every dollar spent. When done correctly, email templates for real estate leads can help generate leads and clients on autopilot. It’s important to approach your email marketing with a clear strategy.

Tips for Writing Your Own Highly Effective Real Estate Emails

Mastering the art of writing compelling and engaging email templates for real estate agents can significantly boost your real estate business. Here are some valuable tips to help you create impactful real estate emails that resonate with your audience.

  • Keep your copy short and simple
  • Use persuasive language
  • Remember to follow up
  • Try to tailor every email for buyers or sellers
  • Don’t use HTML email templates
  • Use playful language sparingly
  • Reuse and recycle your content
  • Don’t get too personal
  • Avoid using too much jargon
  • Pay special attention to your subject line
  • Track your progress
  • Use video
  • Create an outline before you start writing
  • Read your emails out loud before sending
  • A/B test your ‘from’ line
  • Include a clear call to action
  • Use the slide method to keep readers engaged
  • Highlight the benefits
  • Animated GIFs are your friends
  • Never forget who your email is for
  • Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

    Regarding email marketing, agents must avoid common mistakes that can undermine their efforts. In this guide, we’ll explore prevalent email marketing blunders agents should avoid to keep their campaigns effective and successful. Agents can improve their email marketing strategies and achieve better results by being mindful of these pitfalls.

  • Your email subject line sucks
  • Not letting readers reply
  • Overdoing it on automation
  • Not taking a mobile-first approach to email marketing
  • Not marketing to your audience in small groups
  • FAQs

    Bringing It All Together

    I love researching various real estate marketing materials to craft compelling real estate email templates. Subscribing to newsletters from other agents and gathering well-written sales letters, postcards, and emails has allowed me to build an awesome swipe file I can turn to for inspiration whenever needed. Viewing marketing content from a marketing perspective offers invaluable insight. If you have any email tips, please drop them in the comments below!

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    When it comes to selling a home, it’s not just about making it look good – it’s about helping potential buyers feel at home. Creating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort is key to helping people picture themselves living there. The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home since it’s a common place for socializing and bonding. So, I’ve compiled some open house food ideas that will truly make your guests feel welcome. Let’s go the extra mile and make your open house an unforgettable experience.

    Why Provide Food & Beverages at Open Houses

    Picture this: it’s a crisp autumn day, and you step into a house filled with the irresistible scent of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. How does that make you feel? Research shows that our sense of smell can stir up nostalgic memories and emotions. It’s no wonder why real estate agents often bake cookies during open houses—it creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. But it’s not just about the smell—offering snacks and drinks adds to the feeling of togetherness and hospitality, like gathering around a kitchen table.

    When people feel welcomed, they tend to relax and open up more. Regardless of whether or not the home you’re selling is the perfect fit for them, they will still enjoy getting to know you and how you presented the home. This added touch could lead to them wanting to work with you to find a home that does work for them.

    Savory Foods

    People tend to enjoy savory foods because they provide a sense of comfort. When you greet potential buyers arriving at the open house, guiding them to the food and drink creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. This warm welcome also helps them feel at home and relax while interacting with you. 

    Someone picking up an individual serving of veggies, cheese, and meat in a cup.

    Examples of Savory Foods:

    1. Charcuterie board: The possibilities are endless when it comes to putting together a charcuterie board. The classic combo of cured meats, cheeses, crackers, and fruits is always a hit, or you can customize it however you like. You can even get creative by serving everything in individual bowls.
    2. Skewers: Skewers are awesome because they’re easy to eat. You can also easily mix and match with vegetarian and meat options. 
    3. Mini nachos: Set up a fun mini nacho bar. You can lay out individual servings of tortilla chips with the option to add melted cheese, salsa, guacamole, or sour cream. This way, everyone can make their own nachos just the way they like.
    4. Sliders: If you’re looking for something a bit more filling, try sliders. Go with a standard burger slider, or opt for pulled pork or chicken. These bite-sized snacks are easy to eat and can be paired with one of our other open house food suggestions as well. 

    Sweets & Baked Goods

    Sweet treats have the power to bring people happiness. And there’s nothing better than seeing happy guests as they explore your listing. After the open house guests sign in, offer them a delicious treat while they get to know the home. This simple gesture creates a positive and memorable experience for them.

    An assortment of cookies decorated as keys, doors, and houses, including the words welcome and home written on some of them.
    Custom Home Cookies (Source: SweetSetups)

    Examples of Sweet Foods:

    1. Brownies or cookies: Don’t underestimate the power of these classic treats. Who doesn’t love a delicious brownie or cookie? And if you’re feeling fancy, you can even get a baker to decorate the cookies with your own custom designs.
    2. Candy: Use mini chocolate bars and other candies to create a candy assortment. Guests can customize their own sweet goody bags, choosing their favorites to take home.
    3. Pastries: If you’re looking for an option that pairs well with coffee or tea, go the pastry route. Serving puff pastries, cannolis, or danishes makes it feel like an open house tea party.
    4. Cupcakes or muffins: Cupcakes and muffins are the perfect individual portion size, making them ideal for an open house. Whether you bake them in regular or mini sizes, the variety of flavors you can use allows for a diverse and enjoyable selection.

    💡Pro Tip: Do a little cross-promotion. Swing by a local bakery for some baked goods and ask if you can leave your open house flyer there for their patrons to see. It’s a great way to promote your open house and support a local business.

    Finger Foods 

    Remember that presentation is everything when setting up food for an open house. Even if you’re not serving a fancy meal, you can still make it look appealing. Finger foods are a hit and easy for guests to grab, so add a reminder on your open house checklist to keep some extras in the fridge to refill the table as the event goes on.

    Pinwheel sandwiches stacked on top of each other.
    Pinwheel sandwiches (Source: Daily Appetite)

    Examples of Finger Foods:

    1. Pinwheels or finger sandwiches: When guests come to an open house, they love to snack on easy-to-grab treats. Finger sandwiches are perfect because you can offer different flavors to cater to everyone’s tastes.
    2. Mini bagels: Mini bagels are a great choice for your open house and require little prep. Make them extra tasty by including toppings like cream cheese, peanut butter, regular butter, or jam. And if you feel like providing a more savory option, consider making mini pizza bagels.
    3. Mini quiche: If you like the idea of providing bite-sized deliciousness, mini quiches are a fantastic choice. You can load them up with your favorite veggies or simply use cheese. They’ll go wonderfully with some of our other open house food ideas, giving your guests a delightful brunch experience.

    Snacky Foods 

    Food and drinks are usually not top priority when attending an open house, as they mainly want to see the home and gauge how they feel. However, offering refreshments can also serve as a takeaway for open house guests to snack on between visiting different homes. This added touch could also help them remember your listing when you send your follow-up by saying something like, “It was great to meet you at my open house on Main St. I hope you enjoyed the trail mix!”

    Two individual servings of popcorn in bags with a thank you label on it including a real estate agent's contact information.
    Open House Popcorn Bags (Source: PreppingParties)

    Examples of Open House Snack Ideas:

    1. Popcorn: Popcorn is a versatile snack that you can easily customize to match the theme of your choice. Create individual servings and place your logo on the bag or cup. With a wide variety of flavors to choose from, there’s something to satisfy every craving.
    2. Pretzels: You’ve got a lot of options to choose from – soft or hard pretzels in various flavors. You can also enhance the experience by offering delicious dipping sauces like cheese or chocolate. It’s an easy yet impressive way to elevate your hosting game with minimal effort.
    3. Chips: When it comes to easy, no-cook snacks, chips are a great choice. Grab a variety pack with different flavors and even pair them with your favorite dips if you’d like. For a homemade option, make your own in an air-fryer!
    4. Trail mix/Mixed nuts: Mixed nuts are another easy open house snack. These can be pecans, cashews, almonds, and more. You can even take it up a notch by adding raisins or chocolate chips to create a trail mix. Just divide it up into individual servings, and you’re all set.

    Themed Foods 

    The beauty of providing snacks for open houses is that they really can be anything you want. So when compiling open house food ideas, we couldn’t leave themed options out. Have some fun with the refreshments you provide and make a lasting impression on the attendees.

    Fourth of July Desert Board
    Fourth of July Dessert Board (Source: Ralphs)

    Examples of Themed Foods:

    1. Holidays: If you’re hosting an open house around a holiday, make it even more fun by incorporating holiday-themed snacks. For instance, you can add a festive touch with Reese’s eggs or trees. Or, you can create a patriotic atmosphere by offering snacks with a red, white, and blue theme for the Fourth of July celebration.
    2. Seasonal: As you plan your open house, consider offering apple cider in the Fall or hot cocoa in winter. You could even host a lively football-themed open house during football season, with a game on the TV and all! Offering refreshments with a seasonal theme is a fun and creative way to spice up your open house.
    3. House specific: If the house or town has an interesting feature, tailor your refreshments to reflect that. For example, consider providing deviled eggs or pigs in a blanket if the home is a farmhouse.

    Don’t Forget The Drinks…

    It’s not just about the food. Quench the thirst of your attendees with some of these open house refreshment ideas. I’ve hosted many open houses, and I’ve come to realize that people are much more likely to grab a drink. I believe the easier it is to “grab and go,” the better and more popular it will be among potential buyers.

    Two flower vases behind a water bottle with the label extended out, showing an example of a custom real estate open house label.
    Custom open house water bottle labels (Source: LoveeDesignsCo)

    Examples of Drinks:

    1. Water: Try custom water bottle labels with your logo and contact information.
    2. Soda: There are a wide variety of soda options, most of which come in mini sizes. Choose some popular flavors, as it’s a safer bet that people will enjoy them.
    3. Juice: The best thing about soda, water, and juice is that you can usually find mini bottles rather than full-size bottles. You might even consider juice boxes for the kids who attend with their parents.
    4. Coffee: Try a local coffee shop that provides a carafe of coffee to make it easy and simple.
    5. Tea: Since you can snag a variety of individual tea bags, this option requires only hot water, cups, and maybe some honey!
    6. Hot chocolate: In the cooler months or around the holidays, providing hot chocolate is a great choice.
    7. Alcohol: Proceed with caution when providing alcohol, as you’ll want to monitor the amount served. However, a workaround to overserving would be to offer a mini champagne bottle with a mini orange juice bottle for a single-serve mimosa.

    💡Pro Tip: Have a plan for the leftovers. If you still have quite a bit after your open house and don’t want to get stuck with it, take it to a nearby shelter. Remember, not everyone is comfortable eating food provided at an open house. So don’t take it personally if people pass up on the refreshments. 

    Tips for Serving Refreshments

    When serving food to guests in someone else’s home, it’s important to take certain precautions to ensure everyone’s safety and respect the space. By keeping these tips in mind, you can provide refreshments in a way that is enjoyable and considerate to the homeowner.

    Tip 1: Stick with individual or pre-packaged items. 

    Providing individual servings helps keep everything more sanitary and may encourage attendees to indulge. Look around the home for any wrappers or packaging left behind by guests. 

    Tip 2: Present refreshments in a grab-and-go style setup.

    Open house guests may not initially want to take any refreshments you’re offering. However, after they’ve walked through the home, they may change their mind on the way out. A grab-and-go setup allows for easy access; anyone coming or going can take what they’d like. 

    Tip 3: Keep it simple with items that aren’t messy or hard to eat. 

    It’s best to choose refreshments that won’t cause a mess you must clean at the end or that the sellers find later. Also, remember to have trash cans available to keep the space clean when guests are done with their food or drink.

    Tip 4: Display allergen and alcohol disclaimers next to the food.

    It’s impossible to know the dietary restrictions of those attending your open house, so if you’re providing foods that are common allergens or there is alcohol in a beverage being offered, be sure to have a sign or label making guests aware. 

    Tip 5: Make sure to leave the home tidy. 

    Since you’re providing the refreshments, make sure to take everything with you and clean up at the end. The goal is to leave the home in the same or better condition than when you arrived.

    Tip 6: Customize refreshments to match your branding with water bottle labels, stickers, or tags that can be hung on baggies. 

    Branding your refreshments can help you stand out among the other homes guests may be seeing that day. If they take a water bottle with your contact info on it, for instance, they may be more likely to remember your listing or reach out to you with questions. 


    Bringing It All Together

    Hosting an open house is a chance for you to really bring the home to life. Have fun with it, and don’t forget to inform the homeowner what refreshments you’ll provide. What do you usually serve at an open house? Let us know in the comments.

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    As a real estate agent, I’ve realized that showing appreciation to our clients isn’t just a courtesy—it’s a critical piece of maintaining strong, lasting relationships. A client’s loyalty can make or break your career. You want them to continue to use your services and sing your praises to everyone they meet. 

    Finding unique and meaningful ways to express your appreciation for their loyalty strengthens these relationships by reinforcing your commitment to going above and beyond for their continued support. I’ll share some unique and memorable client appreciation event ideas for realtors that will be sure to leave a lasting impression on your clients.

    1. Social Events

    People cheering their beverages at a table.

    • Difficulty:


    • Uniqueness Factor:


    • Estimated Cost:

      $50–$100 per person

    • Trivia night with real prizes
    • Wine or craft beer tasting
    • Cocktail class & tasting with a local mixologist

    Social butterflies love a good time. Picture an evening where clients can sample a variety of craft beers or fine wines, throw in some delicious appetizers, and you have yourself a party. Mingle with your guests at a cocktail hour or have an expert share insights about the beverages being served. Liven up the party with a trivia night or music bingo while enjoying the delicious food and drinks. Social event ideas for real estate are the perfect way to make clients feel appreciated in a fun and casual atmosphere.

    Remember that not everyone drinks alcohol. So if you are throwing an event that involves alcohol, have nonalcoholic options available to be inclusive to all clients.

    2. Family Affair


    • Difficulty:


    • Uniqueness Factor:


    • Estimated Cost:

      $25–$100 per person

    • Winter wonderland experience
    • Outdoor movie night
    • Good old-fashioned barbecue

    Family-friendly events are a great way to include the entire family in the festivities. No matter the season, there are plenty of activities to choose from. Host an outdoor movie under the stars, a barbeque in the park, or family fun at the ice rink. Want to do something bigger? Give your clients the VIP treatment by hosting the event at a local theme park with exclusive perks the entire family will enjoy. These real estate client appreciation events help build connections and strengthen your relationship by including the entire family. 

    3. Sports & Recreation

    Stadium of people with their hands in the air, screaming and cheering.

    • Difficulty:


    • Uniqueness Factor:


    • Estimated Cost:

      $100–$500 per person

    • VIP sports tickets
    • Horse racing
    • Golf tournament

    Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? Well, maybe not everyone, but if your clients are ready for some action, consider hosting an outing to a sporting event. Have you ever been to a ballpark and wondered who gets those lucky box seats? Treat your clients to a once-in-a-lifetime experience by renting a suite at a major sporting event with great views, food, drinks, and fun. Another fun idea I have personally used is hosting a client appreciation event at a horse track. We reserved a tailgating spot, made a seafood boil, and invited our clients for a day at the stables.

    If you’re on a budget, you can skip the box seats or tailgating and inquire about group rates for general admission seating. Sporting events are the perfect mix of excitement and will make your real estate clients feel appreciated.

    4. Unique Dining Experiences

    restaurant chef

    • Difficulty:


    • Uniqueness Factor:


    • Estimated Cost:

      $100–$500 per person

    • Rent the chef’s table at a local restaurant
    • Farm-to-table dinner
    • Progressive dinner tour

    Leave a lasting impression on your clients by creating a unique dinner experience they will never forget. Rent a chef’s table at a local restaurant for a more intimate experience, or try a farm-to-table dinner with a menu packed with freshly harvested ingredients. Either way, this client appreciation event idea for realtors will really make an impression. For a more dynamic experience, try a progressive dinner tour where each course is served at a different restaurant. 

    Hint: These dinners work best in urban areas where there are a wide variety of restaurants on the same street. These dinners are an excellent way to engage with your clients while enjoying amazing food.

    5. Charity & Giving Back


    • Difficulty:


    • Uniqueness Factor:


    • Estimated Cost:


    • Charity auction
    • Volunteer day
    • Adopt-a-family initiative

    If social responsibility and volunteering are your niche, consider hosting client events that support a local cause. Organize a volunteer day cleaning up a local park or host a charity auction to support families in need. Since charity events can span multiple days with many layers, consider hosting a gathering where clients can wrap gifts together, enjoy refreshments, and share stories about the families they are helping. No matter the cause, these experiences can be fun and rewarding while building your reputation as someone who gives back to the community. 

    6. Creative & Artistic Activities

    Couple sitting outdoors with a glass of wine and food tray

    • Difficulty:


    • Uniqueness Factor:


    • Estimated Cost:

      $25–$100 per person

    • Glamping trip
    • Private vineyard tour
    • Zip-lining adventure

    Tap into your creative side and your clients’ by hosting an artistic client appreciation event. Host a photography workshop or a paint-and-sip class, or create your own artwork while enjoying a glass of wine. If you are looking for a unique alternative, try to partner with a local artist to create a larger piece of art that can be displayed in your community. Choose a theme, select a location, and create a lasting piece of art that symbolizes unity and collaboration. These types of activities let everyone tap into their creative side and maybe even have a keepsake to take home with them.

    7. Outdoor Adventures

    Couple sitting outdoors with a glass of wine and food tray

    • Difficulty:


    • Uniqueness Factor:


    • Estimated Cost:

      $100–$300 per person

    • Glamping trip
    • Private vineyard tour
    • Zip-lining adventure

    Taking your ideas for client appreciation events outdoors adds a refreshing twist to your events. Glamping is at the top of the budget but is sure to create a natural escape with all the comforts of home. Add activities like hiking, fishing, zip-lining, or river tubing. These activities can also be used as stand-alone events for more budget-friendly options. Private vineyard tours are another affordable option that allows clients to enjoy a scenic day out while sampling local wines. These adventures will surely create lasting memories with your clients for years to come.

    8. Wellness & Relaxation

    Serene pond with candles and hot towels on the deck

    • Difficulty:


    • Uniqueness Factor:


    • Estimated Cost:

      $100–$500 per person

    • Spa for the day
    • Yoga retreat
    • Guided nature walk

    Now, this one is my favorite client appreciation event idea for realtors. Probably because I’m not the adventurous type, but I do enjoy relaxing in the sun—or any type of relaxation for that matter. Pamper your clients with a spa day or treat them to a yoga retreat. Some spas have various options, including a day pass that includes food and drink with multiple amenities, including massage, salt caves, pools, and saunas. If you prefer yoga or meditation experiences, try unique classes like goat yoga (Yes, I said goat yoga—see below). Relaxation and rejuvenation can be a lasting experience for some, particularly those who focus on promoting their health.

    Woman pressing her head against a goat.
    Goat yoga experience (Source: Original Goat Yoga™ & Goat Happy Hour®)

    9. Cultural Experiences


    • Difficulty:


    • Uniqueness Factor:


    • Estimated Cost:

      $50–$200 per person

    • Guided tours of galleries or museums
    • Theater night
    • Private film screening and talk

    If you’re looking for that black-tie experience, cultural experiences can add a sophisticated touch to your real estate client appreciation events. Consider hosting an art gallery tour, hosting a night at the theater, or arranging a private film screening. Interact with your clients during guided tours, preshow dinners, or post-event cocktail hours. Sharing cultural experiences can create deeper relationships with your clients and allow them to connect with you on a more personal and insightful level. These real estate event ideas are unique and moderately affordable compared to other options. 

    10. Interactive Workshops

    Man at front of a room presenting. A few people have their hands raised.

    • Difficulty:


    • Uniqueness Factor:


    • Estimated Cost:

      $50–$200 per person

    • Home improvement workshop
    • Financial planning seminar
    • Motivational speaker

    Invest in your clients by hosting interactive workshops that help them learn something new or grow in other areas. Workshops can vary from do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvement classes to financial planning seminars. Each workshop will give your clients valuable knowledge and experience they can take into their everyday lives. Not sure what kind of workshop would appeal to most of your clients? Consider hiring a motivational speaker to invest in their overall personal development. These workshops are a great way to show your clients you value their personal and professional development.

    11. Exclusive Virtual Experiences

    Man on a laptop zoom meeting

    • Difficulty:


    • Uniqueness Factor:


    • Estimated Cost:

      $25–$100 per person

    • Online cooking class
    • Digital mixology session
    • Virtual escape room

    Remote events are more common than ever and can appeal to a broader range of people. They allow your clients to be a part of the experience from the comfort of their own homes or wherever they may be at the moment. Virtual escape rooms are fun and also help build relationships, while online classes like cooking or mixology allow clients to learn something new while interacting with well-known chefs or professional mixologists. Virtual events are unique and interactive experiences that will leave a lasting impression on your clients.

    Steps & Tips for Hosting a Successful Client Event

    Planning and hosting client appreciation events is a fantastic way to show your clients how much you value their business and their loyalty. By carefully considering the interests and preferences of your clients, setting a budget, and planning every detail, you can ensure that you create an event that will not soon be forgotten. 

    I’ll walk you through the steps and tips you will need to pull off a successful client appreciation event for real estate clients. 

    Steps for Hosting Client Appreciation Events

    1. Know your why: Determine the purpose of your event. Are you looking to strengthen your relationships or simply show appreciation?
    2. Set a budget: Be realistic about the cost of an event. Decide how much you can afford, including the venue, food and beverages, entertainment, marketing, and any additional costs. 
    3. Choose the right event type: The key to hosting the right event is knowing your clients’ interests. What kind of activities will resonate with them?
    4. Select a date and venue: Pick a convenient date and time for your event and book the venue. The other details can be sorted out later.
    5. Plan the agenda: Create a detailed agenda, including times for each activity if there is more than one. Be sure to leave some free time for networking.
    6. Invite guests: Send out invites well in advance. Personalize the invitations to the theme of the event while also including your branding.
    7. Prepare materials: Organize any materials you need, like name tags, signage, or promotional items. If the event space allows, be sure to decorate the venue to create a welcoming atmosphere.
    8. Coordinate staff and volunteers: Larger events will require some support from others. Be sure you assign roles to staff or volunteers helping you. 
    9. Execute and engage: On the day of the event, go over your checklist one last time. Welcome your clients, make them feel welcome, and encourage them to interact with you and other clients.

    Tips for Hosting Client Appreciation Events

    • Make it personal: Don’t just throw an event to throw one; make sure it’s personal to you and your attendees by including activities they like and will appreciate. The goal is to continue building strong relationships with your clients and giving them a special experience to remember and tell their friends about. 
    • Quality matters: While it may be tempting to save a few bucks on cheaper items for your client events, remember that providing a quality, well-organized experience will leave a more lasting impression. If money is tight, opt for fewer people and more quality. 
    • Brand it: These events are meant to be fun, but they are also meant to expand your real estate business. Include subtle marketing elements like a branded promotional item to go along with your event that clients can take home with them, like a goodie bag or picture frame. Not only will they remember the event, but they will also have a keepsake with your name on it to remember you. 
    • Back-up plan: You always want to have a Plan B in any event planning situation. This is especially true if you are planning an outdoor event where weather can be a factor. Have a backup plan, like a tent for an outdoor event or a rain date, if there’s a possibility you’ll have to cancel. 
    • Take Pics: Documentation of your event is great to have for marketing purposes. Capture your attendees having a blast and share it on social media, in newsletters to promote your next event, or save it for a personal card to send to your guests in the future. 
    • Get feedback: Check in with your attendees and ask how they enjoyed the event and what you could do next time to improve it. Maybe they have ideas for the next event you can throw! 
    • Follow-up: Reach out to the attendees after the event to inquire about their real estate needs and the needs of their friends, family, and colleagues. The point, after all, is to grow your business, so a gentle push to get real estate referrals is the best way to continue your relationship. 

    FAQs: Client Appreciation Event Ideas for Realtors

    Bringing It All Together

    Hosting a client appreciation event for your real estate clients is a great way to secure lasting relationships. Whether it’s an elegant wine tasting or a lively sporting event, they are a unique opportunity to strengthen relationships and create memorable experiences for everyone. Remember to personalize the event, provide high-quality service, take lots of pictures, and follow up with your guests. The effort you put into these events can go a long way to building lasting connections that result in repeat business. 

    Have you thrown any client appreciation events? Or, do you have client event ideas? If so, tell us about them!

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